Applying to Optometry School: OptomCAS 2017 is OPEN!

As of June 29th the 2016 – 2017 cycle of the OptomCAS is officially open!

If you are interested in going to optometry school next year, it is time to begin the application process! The Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry (ASCO) uses the Optometry Centralized Application Service (OptomCAS) as the general web-based application to submit applications to the all optometry schools in the U.S.


Keep in mind decision on admission comes completely from the schools and programs you are applying to and not from OptomCAS; they are only a service you submit your applications and transcripts through.




Although the OptomCAS cycle is open from now until June 1, 2017 remember you’ll need to meet specific optometry program deadlines that you are applying to. This means you must not only complete and submit the OptomCAS by those deadlines but also be sure to get in transcripts, letters of recommendation, and any secondary applications specific schools may require as well.


First you’ll to create an account with OptomCAS here. You’ll use you’re the username and password you create to login, save, edit, and submit your application(s). Be sure to read all instructions carefully and to proofread everything you are submitting because this is surely not a task to be taken lightly!


Completely the OptomCAS costs $165 and that includes submitting your application to one school. Then it is an additional $65 for each school you choose to send your application to after that.

So to add that up it’ll look like this…

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 12.32.19 AM

In addition, specific schools may include secondary applications resulting in secondary application fees. Plus considering possible expenses for traveling to different schools for visits and interviews, the whole application process can really add up so you’ll want to really do your research to narrow down the programs you want to apply to!


With all the expense and stress of applying to optometry school, save yourself some trouble and check out OAT Cracker for you OAT prep and stay tuned to the blog for more topics on the application process like Personal Statement WritingGetting Letters and Recommendation and prepping for The Interview! That’s all for now!


Happy Applying!

The Benefits of Joining a Pre-Optometry Organization!

You may have seen a Pre-Optometry table at a student organization fair and thought something along the lines of…

“Hey I know all about applying for optometry school and I got a pretty good handle on the OAT so I don’t need those meetings and membership fees”

…but let’s take a closer look, shall we?


Gaining Relevant Experience

Simply putting down on your resume that you were a part of a pre-optometry society isn’t much help but there are plenty of ways to get involved in events and programs put on by the organization. Pre-optometry clubs offer a wide range of opportunities to be proactive in bettering yourself through things like for instance mentoring programs or gaining experience volunteering in the world of eye-health.


Leadership Opportunities

Within the ranks of the organization you can lead peers and drive the club to success.

Taking on a leadership role can be challenging but you gain the very valuable skills for a future in optometry in communication,negotiating, and problem solving just name a few. Besides leadership positions always look great on a resume.


Access to Resources

These organizations have resources you may not even be aware exist and in order to take advantage of them you have to be in the know! An example of one of the many perks of a pre-optom organization is that school representatives from the different optometry programs will schedule more visits should they anticipate an audience of pre-optometry students. That means many clubs will host these representatives to come and talk to the group and answer any specific questions or even host a whole panel of representatives to speak!


Figure Out Exactly What You’re Doing

Optometrists, ophthalmologists, and opticians OH MY!

So what exactly is the difference and what exactly do you really want to do? Student orgs may bring in a wide range of people in the optometry profession to talk on what they do and offer advice and help you discover exactly what you’d like to do someday!


Misery Loves Company

You’ll meet other pre-optom hopefuls to share the woes of preparing for optometry school!

With everything from the OptomCAS, the OAT, letters of recommendation, etc making connections with fellow students that know exactly what you’re going through can be both comforting and helpful! Chances are at least a few of the people will be in the same classes as you so you can study together share the wisdom! You can even share your wisdom about how great OAT Cracker is! 🙂


Check out your school’s pre-optometry society/club/organization here.

If there isn’t one on your campus, why not start one? Find out how here.


In review, pre-optom clubs both spread awareness of the optometry profession as well as help members stay on the track and offer things like college panels and mentoring programs! So why would you want to join? The better question is why not?